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Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney David P. Drew is  dedicated to zealously representing those injured by slip and fall, negligence, medical malpractice, and in other situations.

In Ohio, our state Constitution provides access to its courts to injured persons seeking compensation for injuries caused in the state, and in some instances for injuries caused outside Ohio. The United States Constitution likewise protects the injured by, among other things, enumerating certain inalienable rights protected by law.

If you have been injured because of someone else's negligence, you have a right to receive compensation. In Ohio, the law demands that those responsible for causing injury to others reimburse them for certain expenses, and for their pain and suffering. "Pain" refers to  the physical pain resulting from the injury, while "suffering"  refers to the  emotional consequences of the injury (i.e., mental anguish).

And this is as it should be. Each of us purchases policies of insurance for our cars, homes, businesses and professions. We purchase insurance to protect others, and ourselves. Each of us is therefore entitled to rely on the insurance company that willingly accepted our premiums to "be a good neighbor" and provide coverage when needed. Our premiums entitle us to the very best "good hands" protection.

Many  believe  that  malpractice  always  involves  a  physician,  and  it frequently does.   However,  malpractice can also  be caused by others. Health care providers, including nurses, dentists, and others, can commit malpractice.    And  so  can  other   professionals,    including   lawyers, accountants,  architects,  engineers,  and  surveyors.

Product Liability

Machines and products are helpful, and often necessary, but sometimes they are not designed well and cause injury. Other times a well designed product or machine causes injury when a good design is ignored, and the machine or product is then negligently made. If a product is "defective" because it was not well designed or because it was negligently made, and the defective product causes injury, the injured person may be entitled to compensation.

There are many legal theories in Ohio under which manufacturers and sellers of defective products may be liable for injuries caused to our residents. Statutes have been passed in Ohio regulating certain product liability claims, and there are also many important judicial decisions that affect such claims. Furthermore,  federal law may also apply.  The statutes and case law developed in Ohio and federal courts and legislatures are complex and numerous.

If injured by a product-- whether a machine, a pill, a toy, or for that matter any product-- the law may demand that the responsibility for your injury be borne by the manufacturer or supplier of the product.

Act timely to protect yourself and your family-- every claim for injury must be filed in court within the applicable statute(s) of limitation, or it will be time-barred. To determine the statute that applies in your case, contact us immediately . We are not able to supply that information at this web site. The subject of limitations is much too complex to address without specific facts, and to state generalities might well be misleading. The only way we can answer the question  is to talk with you about your particular situation. So call, or visit.

The insurance companies have lawyers, shouldn't you?  If you live in Ohio call me today to schedule a consultation so that I may advise you of your rights and help you receive the compensation that you deserve.